Map making for everyone.

We started PamPam because we love maps. They help us understand the world around us — and see everyone’s unique view of it. But we think anyone should be able to make a custom map, without coding or clunky tech. We designed PamPam so everyone can make the map of their dreams. From favorite places to visualizing history, PamPam helps you put your world on the map.

How we work

PamPam is created and independently funded by Helena and Carlo in Philadelphia,PA. We believe in well-crafted and joyous tools for makers. We're building a sustainable business supported by people who find PamPam valuable.


Helena Jaramillo


Designer at Figma, Ex- Coda, Wise, Google.

Carlo Joerges

Co-founder, Designer, Engineer

Designer at Coda. Ex-Facebook, Google Maps.


Rachel Krohn


Graphic designer and illustrator currently working in NYC.

Isabella Akhtarshenas


A versatile artist and designer whose work evokes whimsical and lively forms.

Kaitlin D'Avella

Content Designer

Content designer based in London.

Let's chat

If you have a question about using PamPam, or you'd like to collaborate or partner with us - just reach out.