Put your stories on the map.

Make and embed interactive maps for your publication, or blog, powered by AI.

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Instantly visualize your story.

Skip the tedious work. Just paste in the text of your story, or a link, and we'll generate an interactive map. No spreadsheets or code required.

Guide your readers with maps.

No more static lists. Enhance your stories and blog with interactive maps. Add pictures, drawings and links to your maps to tell the full story.

Put your maps on display.

Embed maps directly on your website or in your article. Looks great on mobile.

Highlight areas

User the highlighter to point out spots worth remembering

Add branded stickers

Choose from hundreds of stickers that set the tone of your map, or add your own.

Draw something

Your map is your canvas, you can draw directly on it.

Drag in photos

Upload photos to your map.

Map making for everyone.

AI makes it even easier to create interactive maps with multiple pins in PamPam.

Start with AI

Create maps by describing them.

Import from MyMaps

Move off of Google MyMaps instantly.

Search for it

Search by name, or drop a pin.

Paste it in

Turn an article link to a map.

A map for every story.

Need inspiration? here's how you might use PamPam to map your stories.


For less than $300 a year, you can make custom, AI powered, interactive maps.


For personal use

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Up to 250 spots
Up to 5 maps
Up to 1k views
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Embed your maps

$12/per month
Everything on Free +
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More maps with your brand

$24/per month
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Up to 100 maps
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